Can You Smell Mold?

Here at A&J Property Restoration we are not strangers to the question “can you smell mold?” and we always answer the same way – it depends! Typically if you smell a musty smell, there is mold present. But mold doesn’t always have to have an odor to exist. 

Here’s something to remember, mold is everywhere. Mold grows inside, outside, and on different types of surfaces like food, clothing, walls, etc. Now back to the original question – “what does mold smell like?”

Mold Needs Moisture

Mold has to have moisture to grow. The moisture can come from anywhere, and it needs an organic material to attach to. The surface is typically what will cause the odor you end up smelling. For example, if you notice a stale smell inside, you may have a leaky pipe. 

A humid smell in your bathroom could mean the steam from your showers and baths are not escaping properly, and that you may need to consider installing an exhaust fan to help with this issue. 

Smell Is Only One Detector

Odor is only one way to know if you have a mold problem. But if you can’t smell the mold, how do you know if there is a problem? Another way to identify a mold problem is changes in the health of household members. 

Are you or other household members experiencing any of the following:

  • If you are already an allergy sufferer – have your allergies increased? 
  • Is your throat irritated?
  • Increased coughing or wheezing?
  • How about respiratory problems in otherwise healthy individual?

If you feel members of your household have these symptoms you may have a mold problem.

What To Do About Mold

The action you take to remove the mold from your home depends on if you are smelling mold, or if the health of your household has changed. At A&J Property Restoration we will respond to your problem accordingly, but work as quickly as possible to get the problem resolved, regardless of symptoms. 

When you call A & J Property Restoration’s Mold Remediation team to the scene, we will find the source of the moisture and begin the repair process to ensure the mold will not come back once we work our magic.

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