Commercial Properties and Mold – Where is it Hiding?

Mold likes to hide in places where no one will find it. It thrives in dark areas with high humidity and doesn’t just limit itself to residential homes. Commercial buildings can also experience problems with mold – especially if it isn’t detected for a long period of time. Let’s look at some favorite hiding places of mold so you can find it before it becomes a larger problem.

Where Does Mold Grow?

If you can’t see mold, does that mean it is still harmful? The answer is absolutely. Even if you can’t see the mold spots, mold still presents a large health issue for you and the tenants in your building if not handled quickly.

Mold is a fungus and produces toxins and irritants that cause sinus and respiratory issues in people of all ages, but especially in those prone to allergies and breathing issues. Symptoms of health issues caused by mold spores can include throat irritation, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, or skin irritation. You can see why it is so important to take care of the mold problem as quickly as possible!

Hiding Spots for Mold in Commercial Property

Mold is usually easily spotted on walls or ceilings. It can come in many colors and is common in areas high in humidity like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Mold needs to find a surface to attach to, organic nutrients (which can be found in walls, wood, etc.), and preferable low light or darkness. Mold begins to grow quickly, producing spores that can spread easily through the building.

During maintenance on your building, there are different steps you can take to help with mold remediation. While mold may be easy to see, there are areas where mold likes to hide. Don’t forget to check these hidden places for signs of mold spores.

  1. Carpet:

    Mold can present itself on the top of carpeting, making it easy to see. However, the padding under the carpeting is the perfect place for mold growth. If liquids have seeped into the carpet and padding without the ability to dry fully, this is a perfect breeding ground for mold.

  2. Ductwork:

    While air is pushed through your duct work, it can condense and even leak into the ducts allowing moisture to seep in. The darkness and wet conditions make air ducts a great place for mold growth. Since that ductwork blows air through the entire building, mold spores have a quick way to spread around.

  3. Ceiling Tiles:

    Ceiling tiles have no ventilation. Leaks from hidden pipes or leaky roofs can cause mold to grow within the ceiling tiles of your building. This dark space is a very attractive home for mold.

  4. Drain Pans:

    Under your HVAC system, there are pans to collect and drain away excess moisture. When these pans are not installed property, the drainage doesn’t work – causing standing water. This is a welcome sign for mold to start growing!

  5. Storage:

    If tenants have areas of boxes and papers, this could be creating a home for mold. Should the cardboard or paper get wet and are not allowed to dry fully, mold is sure to form quickly.

Call in A&J Property Restoration!

Preventing mold is important to keep everyone in your property happy and healthy. But, what happens when all the prevention still produces mold? If your property has experienced flooding, a cracked pipe, or another type of water damage, mold growth may not be far behind.

The professionals at A&J Property Restoration are certified in mold remediation and have more than 30 years of experience. We follow all EPA and OSHA guidelines and work well within industry standards. If you prefer, our mold remediation services can be done with an Environmental Consultant or Certified Industrial Hygienist as well.Contact A&J today for water damage clean up emergencies and services by A&J Specialty Services Inc DKI of Madison, Sun Prairie, Milwaukee, WI Dells, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, and Waukesha, Wisconsin

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