Ebola: Is Wisconsin Prepared?

“Ebola!” is a frightening word in our country and around the world because it is the label of a deadly pandemic virus. It is a word, and a disease, that we need to treat with respect, but also with rational understanding and thorough preparation. Health leaders across the country are creating strategies to combat the spread of this virus and Wisconsin is no exception.

Ebola FactsAs the owner of a restoration company in Madison, Wisconsin, and President of the Indoor Air Quality Association, I have spent considerable time studying about and preparing for the possibility of an Ebola outbreak in Wisconsin.

So what is being done right NOW to prepare for Ebola?

Here are a few of the strategies in place in Madison, Wisconsin. They are the results from meetings I ahve attended with key decision makers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Wisconsin Hospital, the Madison VA Hospital, and the Dane County Health Department.

– In Wisconsin and around the country, local officials and healthcare facilities are relying on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as the foundation resource for how a response will be handled. Ebola procedures are being refined almost daily to make sure the best practices are used.

– UW Hospital is completing an Ebola SOP for their staff and is prepared to properly handle a case “if” one comes to Madison.

– UW-Madison is making contingency plans for laboratory needs in case an Ebola crisis occurs. They are also working through hypothetical scenarios with emergency responders about how to safely deal with a dorm room or apartment where an Ebola patient may have lived.

These are just some of the examples of the extensive, continual planning that is being done in Madison, Wisconsin.

While Ebola definitely is a frightening virus, there is no need to live in fear. It is helpful to equip yourself with knowledge of the virus and understand how it is spread.

Here are some helpful Ebola facts from the Environmental Health Division of Public Health Madison and Dane County.

Ebola Facts Public Health Madison & Dane County.pdf

Ebola is nothing to take lightly, but we can all rest assured that our local community is diligently preparing for the unlikely event of Ebola showing up in Madison.

The preparation and training of all the parties who could be involved is comprehensive and progressing rapidly.

by Kent Rawhouser, President, A&J Property Restoration

Kent founded A&J Property Restoration 30 years ago and operates on the cutting edge of the restoration industry. he is an expert in mold remediation, water, fire and sewage restoration and is also President of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Click the link for more information on Kent’s expertise and background.