Prepare Your Property for the Summer Season – Use this Checklist Get Ready!

Maintaining a commercial property is a full time job. There is always something to fix, check in on, or improvements to handle. Keeping up on routine maintenance during the change of the seasons is a perfect way to save time and money in the long run.

As the temperatures start to climb, commercial property owners should start to think about the annual maintenance from landscaping to checking HVAC systems. Winter weather can cause stress to commercial buildings, and summer is the perfect time to repair any damage caused by winter storms.

Use this handy checklist to keep your property in top condition for all seasons.

Commercial Property Summer Checklist

  • HVAC System.
    • Your building’s HVAC system should be checked regularly, but especially when it’s time to get ready for the summer weather. The air conditioning unit will get a work out during the summer. A proper check will ensure the system is working at its peak performance and efficiency.
    • During the check of your HVAC system, adjust thermostats as necessary for higher internal temperatures. Don’t forget to check and replace the filters. Be sure to keep an eye on the unit, especially during its first run. If you notice frost build up, the help of a licensed HVAC company is necessary.
  • Check the Roof for Damage.  
    • Inspecting the roof is an extremely important part of your summer checklist. Summer can bring in storms, and the last thing you want is a leaky roof! While you inspect the roof, check for damage like missing shingles, cracks, or even holes. Any type of damage to your roof requires the help of a professional restoration company. A leaky roof can cause mold problems. Calling in a professional as quickly as possible is necessary.
  • Water Spouts and Plumbing.
    • Check your plumbing thoroughly! During the summer, you can expect an increase in water usage, but the increase should not be due to leaky pipes. Start by checking any outdoor sprinkler systems for leaks. If there are standing puddles or areas of soggy soil, you may have a cracked pipe.
    • High and low temperatures can also cause shifting in soil. If your septic system has lateral lines, this can lead to broken septic systems and standing water.
    • Plumbing issues need to be handled immediately, especially if dealing with sewage leaks.
  • Check the lighting.
    • Summer means longer days, which means you can adjust outdoor timers accordingly. It’s a great time to replace burnt out bulbs or repair any frayed wiring. Cleaning the lighting fixtures is a great way to increase the appearance of the landscape of your building.

Call A&J Property Restoration for Any Repairs

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