Handling Sewage Clean Up

A sewage back up is never something a homeowner wants to deal with. It’s one of the most troublesome and nasty incidents that can happen in a home, not only because of the substance you’re dealing with, but also because of the possibility of extreme property damage and health issues. 

Cleaning up small spills yourself is fine, but larger overflows need a professional water damage and sewage clean up company to handle the problem. Sewage backup carries massive contaminants and health risks to anyone or anything  that may come in contact with it. 

While the professional sewage cleanup team is on its way to you, take these five steps to prepare your home for clean-up.

5 Steps for Safe Sewage Clean Up

  1. Turn off the electricity and the gas. Turn off the electricity to any affected areas. If you do not have access to shut off the gas line, call your utility company. Explain the situation, and they can guide you on how to turn off the gas, or will do it for you. You never want to work with water damage and electricity at the same time – they don’t mix!

  2. Call a septic company or plumber right away! A plumber is needed to find the source of the problem and start fixing the issue as quickly as possible. Tell everyone not to use any of the toilets or sinks connected to the sewage lines.

  3. Call your insurance company ASAP! When your professional clean up company arrives, provide them with the insurance claim number that you started with your insurance company. The septic company may also require this before they start any work.

  4. Stay away from the area! Raw sewage is nothing to mess with. Stay away from the affected area at all costs, but if you HAVE to enter, wear protective equipment. This includes rubber boots, rubber gloves, a face shield and eye protection. But it’s best to just stay away.

  5. Take pictures of the affected area. Take pictures to document the damage for your insurance company. These pictures should include the damage area, the source of where the sewage backed up, any damaged items, etc. Remember that items that are contaminated with raw sewage are rarely salvageable, and carpeting must be ripped up and replaced.

Contact A&J today for water damage clean up emergencies and services by A&J Specialty Services Inc DKI of Madison, Sun Prairie, Milwaukee, WI Dells, Fort Atkinson, Watertown, and Waukesha, WisconsinThese five steps are a great way to start preparing your home for the professional sewage clean up company at A&JProperty  Restoration. We provide 24/7 emergency services and are ready to help with this issue right away. Call us now