Water Damage Restoration For Floors Near Sliding Doors

water damage restoration madison wi, water damage repair madison wi, water damage cleanup madison wiA Wisconsin thunderstorm can drench your home in just a matter of minutes. Back when you installed the beautiful sliding glass doors, you instead imagined all the light that would flood in. Instead, the reality is that heavy rainfall and strong winds can pose serious water intrusion problems. 

Whether constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, these movable glass walls are heavy. Since sliders and sliding impact windows weigh so much, the doors use metal or plastic rollers. Over the years, several things can go wrong and cause flooding and water damage that requires professional restoration services.

Water Damage Restoration In Madison, WI

Leaky Doors

In general, sliding doors must have an inch or two water threshold dam. With such strong requirements, if you are still finding water intrusion after general maintenance and a weatherstripping installation, your sliding glass doors or impact windows may not be properly installed. If the door was installed directly on the concrete slab, water could be seeping under the doorframe. If the door is installed at the edge of the roof overhang, water could be leaking from the top of the sliding glass doors.

Check the inside and outside grooves under the door. Those weep holes are designed to allow water to drain away. If they are plugged, open them. You might need to drill additional holes for better drainage. 

Confirm that the seals between the doorframe and the house are solid; you might need a new application of caulk. Water always finds a way in, even through the smallest of cracks.

High Traffic

A common area to find water damaged flooring, underlayment and subfloor are next to a sliding glass door due to high traffic. This is an easy area for water to enter, especially with frequent use for pets during wet weather. Vinyl floor coverings can peel up and caulking is often missing at the junction with the door allowing water to penetrate to the underlayment and subfloor. This water penetration can occur over a long period of time and lead to rot in the subfloor that is hidden from plain view. If this happens you will need immediate water damage restoration services.


Since a slider has two layers of glass, there is a temperature differential. Depending on the conditions, water vapor can condense on the interior pane. As it accumulates, it can run down the glass and pool on the floor. 

To solve this, install a dehumidifier, or open windows a few minutes twice a day to allow that moisture to escape. If you need to replace the door, try a French door instead. 

Windows and doors add beauty and value to your home, but only if they are well maintained. If you have water damage because of leaks or poor construction, A&J Property Restoration is the full-service water damage restoration company in Madison WI. Call us on your worst day: emergency fire and water restoration, mold remediation, sewage cleanup, and trauma cleanup.

Our water damage restoration experts are trained to handle restoration projects around people with chronic illnesses, the elderly, and children. Plus, we have extensive experience working in critical and controlled environments like hospitals, schools, and government buildings.